Cecil Taylor – Burning Poles (VHS (Video) (1991)

Welcome to this beautiful and amazing document of Cecil Taylor with his musicians. It is sometimes as if it is a dance. This video document of the 1991 version of the Cecil Taylor Unit was recorded at the National Video Industries studio, and not in a live concert performance. Across a span of 50 minutes, the quartet explores the improvisational concept of the leader that is more … Continue reading Cecil Taylor – Burning Poles (VHS (Video) (1991)

Cecil Taylor – I (Sister Young’n) (1980)

I (Sister Young’n) is last track on side A on the album Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! by Cecil Taylor. The album features eight solo piano performances by Taylor.  The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow states “This solo album by Cecil Taylor is a little unusual in that he performs eight originals, some of which are quite concise; “T (Beautiful Young’n)” is only 53 seconds long. … Continue reading Cecil Taylor – I (Sister Young’n) (1980)

Cecil Taylor – Choral Of Voice (1973)

Recorded on May 29, 1973 at Iino Hall, Tokyo, Japan. From the album Solo by Cecil Taylor. “I discovered very early that it wasn’t quite enough for me to imitate people.”      Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor – Piano Listen to the first four tracks of Solo (Choral Of Voice (Elesion), Lono, Asapk In Ame, Indent (1/2 Of First Layer) :   Continue reading Cecil Taylor – Choral Of Voice (1973)

Cecil Taylor – Number One, take 2 (1960)

From the album Air  by Cecil Taylor , recorded 12th October 1960 NYC. Air is an album by Cecil Taylor recorded for the Candid label in October 1960. The album features performances by Taylor with Archie Shepp, Buell Neidlinger,Denis Charles and Sunny Murray on alternate takes of material released on The World of Cecil Taylor (1960). The allmusic review by Brian Olewnick states “One can only imagine what the reaction of the average jazz fan was in 1960 … Continue reading Cecil Taylor – Number One, take 2 (1960)

Cecil Taylor – Silent Tongues (Full Album) (1974)

Silent Tongues is a live album by Cecil Taylor on solo piano recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 2 in 1974. It features Taylor’s five-movement work “Silent Tongues” along with two encores. The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album five stars stating: “To simplify in explaining what he was doing at this point of time, it can be said that Taylor essentially plays the piano … Continue reading Cecil Taylor – Silent Tongues (Full Album) (1974)