Eric Dolphy – Something Sweet, Something Tender (1964)

Second track on the album Out to Lunch by Eric Dolphy.

Much has been written about Dolphy’s odd time signatures, wide-interval leaps, and flirtations with atonality. And those preoccupations reach their peak on Out to Lunch, which is less rooted in bop tradition than anything Dolphy had ever done.  [source]

Eric Dolphy – flute, alto saxophone / Freddie Hubbard – trumpet / Bobby Hutcherson – vibraphone / Richard Davis – bass / Anthony Williams – drums




Bobby Hutcherson – Inner Glow (1975)

Inner Glow is an album by American jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson recorded in 1975 and originally released on the Japanese Blue Note label. While never issued in the U.S. the tracks were included on the Mosaic Records box set Mosaic Select 26: Bobby Hutcherson released in 2007. [source]

Tracks: Boodaa / Cowboy Bob / Searchin’ the Trane / Inner Glow / Roses Poses


Oscar Brashear – Trumpet

Thurman Green – Trombone

Harold Land – Tenor Saxophone

Bobby Hutcherson – Marimba, Vibraphone

Dwight Dickenson – Piano

Kent Brinkley – Bass

Larry Hancock – Drums


Grachan MONCUR III – Evolution (full album) (1963)

 Evolution is the debut album by American trombonist Graham Moncur III recorded in 1963 and released on the Blue Note label. [source]

All compositions by Grachan Moncur III :                                                                                                     1. Air Raid (9:19) / 2. Evolution (12:24) / The Coaster (11:39) / Monk in Wonderland  (7:54)

Grachan Moncur III – Trombone / Lee Morgan – Trumpet / Jackie McLean – Alto Saxophone / Bobby Hutcherson – Vibes / Bob Cranshaw – Bass / Tony Williams – Drums













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Harold Land Quintet – Stylin’ (1968)

An unrecognized classic. The Peace-Maker is one of the high-points of the Hutcherson-Land collaboration. Until recently, it wasn’t even available on CD. But it was re-issued in Japan. It’s worth paying the high-cost import price for this disc. It’s wonderful. [Source]

Personnel: Harold Land (ts, fl); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Joe Sample (p); Buster Williams (b); Donald Bailey (d, harm). Recording Date & Location: 11 Dec 1967; 26 Feb 1968, Hollywood, CA.