Lloyd Miller – Jazz in Iran 2, on NIRTV (197?)

Lloyd Miller (born 1938) is an American jazz musician and world music expert who is well known for his research work on Persian music and Afghan music. He can play 100 instruments in 15 jazz, ethnic and world music traditions.  [source]

For JAZZ IN IRAN 2, Lloyd Miller demonstrated his Oriental Jazz and traditional Iranian music on his prime-time weekly NIRTV programs in Tehran in the 1970s. Here he is joined by a traditional santur player for his arrangement of Gol-e Gandom. Next he plays blues on the oud and then joins the santurist for the traditional mode (dastgah) Shur playing oud and zarb. Then Miller plays the mode Segah in an amazing version of pure traditional santur on retuned piano using santur mallet techniques with his fingers, the first person to correctly render a dastgah without any improper European piano ideas to pollute the tradition. Lastly is Miller’s famous arrangement of Gol-e Gandom where has plays santur in a totally Iranian manner placing it within a modal jazz mono-chordal framework without submitting to any jazz idioms. This was the 1967 performance which initiated Miller’s famous Oriental Jazz concept which soon became a globally sought after vinyl LP of which very few are in existence. The CD of that Oriental Jazz vinyl is available through CD Baby or World Arts on jazzscope.com . (the text on youtube)

[Millers background]

OJF santur BW 72


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