Ingrid Sertso / Karl Berger / Les Gammas – Discipline 100 (2001)

Composed by Karl Berger / Marc A. Frank / C. Jochen Helfert. From the album Compost 100 with Various Artists.

Ingrid Sertso – Lead Vocals

One of the coolest underground electronic music labels in the world celebrated its 100th release with a double-CD sampler of killer tracks at a wonderful price. What’s best is that since Compost is only trying to showcase its sound, not its catalogue, it hasn’t reissued anything here — it’s all new and exclusive to this release. From the minimal jazz-driven techno of the Trüby Trio with its amazing sampled double bassline on a Zero dB remix of “Galicia” to two new jazzed-out tracks by Beanfield to slippery Latin bossa house of the Salvador Group and a one-off “Discipline 100” by Karl Berger and les Gammaswith Ingrid Sertso providing soaring and seductive vocals, this package is impossible to beat. [source]



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