Joe McPhee – Cosmic Love (1970)

Recorded in Poughkeepsie, NY, 1970.

 Joe McPhee (born November 3, 1939)[1] is an American jazz multi-instrumentalist born in Miami, Florida, a player of tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone, the trumpet, flugelhorn and valve trombone. [source]

“In 1968, the same year that Anthony Braxton made his first solo LP “For Alto”, Joe McPhee began a series of home recordings, assisted by his friend and future producer Craig Johnson.
McPhee had initially worked as a trumpeter, and he’d only picked up tenor saxophone earlier in the year. Along with his very first documentation on tenor, these tracks included solo recorder and a starling “sound on sound” recording, an early commercial overdubbing technique. In years to follow, McPhee would sometimes use the multitrack recorder in performance, referring to it as his Survival Unit. McPhee continued these highly experimental recordings in 1970 and 1973, using instruments not usually associated with him, including deftly manipulated microphone feedback, nagoya, harp, and Space Organ (a Wurlitzer), which he combined with tenor saxophone and the tour-de-force “Cosmic Love”.”

Joe McPhee – Tenor Saxophone, Toy Piano, Percussion [Toy], Recorder, Soprano Saxophone, Organ [Space], Flute, Noises [Feedback], Mbira [Kalimba], Effects [Echoplex], Percussion



[inspired by Thurston Moore]


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