Michał Wróblewski Trio – Jarretude (2011)

This is the debut album by the young Polish Jazz pianist / composer Michal Wroblewski, recorded with his trio with bassist Michal Jaros and drummers Michal Bryndal and Wojciech Romanowski. The first version of this album was recorded by the trio with Bryndal and released as a promo. This, the final version of the album adds four more tracks recorded by the trio with Romanowski. Since both trios recorded the title track, the album’s nine tracks are in fact only eight distinct compositions, of which five were composed by Wroblewski, one by Jaros, one is an interpretation of a John Coltrane tune and the title track is a contemporary house composition, which proves that Wroblewski listens to other music than Jazz as well. Both trio sessions were recorded at the legendary Studio Tokarnia, with Jan Smoczynski behind the knobs, which is always a guarantee of superb sonic quality. [Source]



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