The Revolutionary Ensemble – The People’s Republic (1975)

The People’s Republic is the fourth track on the album of same name by Revolutionary Ensemble, recorded in 1975.

This record has a fearsome reputation that is completely undeserved. On the contrary, while the sound of strings seems strange to a jazz-trained ear, the music these people make on this record is beautiful, fragile, and — considering that it’s all completely improvised — astonishingly tight as well. These men played together for a long time, not for tangible reward, but for themselves and whoever cared to listen. This is definitely a different record, and what happens here might not even be called jazz, but the salient quality of the music is beauty, not the ferociousness one might expect. This is highly recommended, if only for the inclusion of Sirone’s bass playing, a voice that should have been recorded more often. [source]

Jerome Cooper – Vocals, Balafon, Temple Block, Wood Block, Gong, Bells
Sirone – Vocals, Bells, Shaker, Wood Block, Bass
Leroy Jenkins – Vocals, Claves, Recorder, Violin, Kalimba (Thumb Piano)




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