Miles Davis – High Speed Chase (1991)

From the album Doo-Bop, released 1992.

Doo-Bop was jazz musician Miles Davis’ final studio album, which would have marked the beginning of the artist’s turn to hip-hop-oriented tracks. However, Davis died on September 28, 1991, at which time only six pieces for the album had been completed.  To finish off the album, producer Easy Mo Bee was asked to take some of the unreleased trumpet performances (stemming from what Davis called the RubberBand Session), and build tracks that Miles ‘would have loved’ around the recordings. The album’s posthumous tracks (as stated in the liner notes) are “High Speed Chase” and “Fantasy”. [source]

If On the Corner suggested hip-hop beats as far back as two decades ago, then consider Doo-Bop as offspring. Miles’ teaming with producer Easy Mo Bee is a natural — more in league with England’s acid jazz scene than anything in the trumpeter’s recent canon. Those who’ve howled over the post-Bithes Brew work will find no solace here; instead, chalk this up as one of Miles’ most entertaining efforts. [source]

Miles Davis – Trumpet, Composer, Primary Artist.
Easy Mo Bee – Composer, Guest Artist, Performer, Primary Artist, Producer
Larry Mitchel – Composer
Mat Pearson – Aditional Producer
J. R. – Performer, Primary Artist

5344WPGR10017[dedicated to Ronnie Rocket; with lots of thanks and the best wishes for a Happy New Year]


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