Kamal Abdul Alim – Prayer (1988)

Prayer is the last track on Kamal Abdul Alims album Dance released on Stash Records in 1988.

Another first time out in blogland for this great set from Kamal and the Brothers.And what a band of brothers they were with Idris Muhammed holding down the rhythm section joined by ex Roland Kirk pianist Ron Burton and the Spaulding-Watson-Alim frontline horns.
“Brotherhood” was the thumpin’ spinner way back when and made it onto a couple of comps however don’t make the mistake of ignoring the rest of the lp as it’s a complete cracker ranging from afro inspired jazz to some nifty modal styled tunes. [source]

Kamal Abdul Alim – Trumpet / James Spaulding – Alto & Flute / Bobby Watson – Alto & Soprano / Ron Burton – Piano / Sabu Adeyola – Bass / Idris Muhammad – Drums / Abdul Wali – Guitar / Abdus Saboor – Percussion.



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