Kohsuke Mine Quintet – Daguri (Full Album) (1973)

An absolute monster of a session from Kohsuke Mine and his quintet who are on fire from the furious opener “Thirsty” through to the closing modal whirlwind “Spin Drift”.Although all 5 cuts are penned by K.Mine “Expectation” has echoes of  what Itabashi was to record some years later as “Watarase”.

The very finest in Japanese jazz and without a shadow of a doubt…..
All Killer No Filler. [source]   [more information]

Tracks: 1. Thirsty /  2. Self-Contradiction / 3. Daguri / 4. Expectation / 5. Spin Drift

Kohsuke Mine – Tenor & Alto Sax

Hideo Miyata – Tenor Sax

Fumio Itabashi – Piano

Hideaki Mochizuki – Bass

Hiroshi Murakami – Drums




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