Steve Lacy – Inside My Head (2003)

Inside My Head with lyrics by Robert Creeley is the third track on Steve Lacys album The Holy la, released in 2003 on Freelance Label.

This fine trio CD takes its name from something held sacred by musicians: “la,” the pitch to which all instruments are almost always tuned. During the course of these nine tracks, soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and his associates also prove that they can do just anything they want with any variations of “la” and the other degrees of the scale most famously celebrated by Rodgers and Hammerstein in the song “Do-Re-Mi.”

Also present on two tracks is Lacy’s wife, vocalist Irene Aebi. Although often treated by Lacy’s fans as a Yoko Ono to his John Lennon, she’s more of a distinctive stylist and her voice meshes with Lacy’s horn much appropriately than Ono’s voice ever did with her husband’s. [source]

Tracks: 1. Shuffle Boil  / 2. The Holy La  / 3. Inside My Head  / 4. Blue Jay  /                                          5. Flakes  / 6. The Wane  / 7. Clich

Personnel:                                                                                                                                                         Steve Lacy- Soprano Saxophone / Jean-Jacques Avenel – Bass and Sanza /                             John Betsch – Drums / Irene Aebi – Voice



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