Alan Shorter – Orgasm (1968)

Orgasm is the last track on the album Orgasm by Alan Shorter. Recorded and realeased on Verve Records in 1968.

Alan Shorter (May 29, 1932–1987) was a free jazz trumpet and flugelhorn player, and the older brother of composer and saxophone player Wayne Shorter.

In the mid-1960s Alan moved to Europe, leading his own avant-garde gigs in Geneva and Paris. His style of free jazz sometimes proved to be too far-out for European audiences (his brother remembered that Alan’s gigs in Europe would often end with him responding to the crowd’s boos by yelling, “You’re not ready for me yet!”) but he generally found European audiences more receptive than those in the U.S. [source]

1. Parabola (13:14) / 2. Joseph (3:14) / 3. Straits of Blagellan (6:23) /                                                4. Rapids (10:33) / 5. Outeroids (4:14) / 6. Orgasm (11:17)

Alan Shorter – flugelhorn. trumpet, tambourine
Gato Barbieri – tenor sax
Charlie Haden – bass (1 & 6)
Muhammad Ali – drums (1 & 6)

Reggie Johnson – bass (2, 3, 4 & 5) / Rashied Ali – drums (2, 3, 4 & 5)



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