Albert Ayler And Don Cherry – Children (1964)

Albert Ayler And Don Cherry recorded the album Vibrations in Copenhagen on September 14th, 1964. Albert Ayler is credited as composer and the album was released on Freedom Records, linked with the producer Alan Bates, as with his Black Lion Records. Children is the second track on the album .

Albert Ayler (July 13, 1936 – November 25, 1970) was an American avant-garde jazz saxophonist, singer and composer. Ayler was among the most primal of the free jazz musicians of the 1960s; critic John Litweiler wrote that “never before or since has there been such naked aggression in jazz”. He possessed a deep blistering tone—achieved by using the stiff plastic Fibrecane no. 4 reeds on his tenor saxophone – and used a broad, pathos-filled vibrato. [source]

Tracks : Ghosts / Childdren / Holy Spirit / Ghosts / Vibrations / Mothers

Gary Peacock – Bass
Don Cherry – Cornet
Sunny Murray – Drums
Albert Ayler – tenor Saxophne


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