Ornette Coleman Quartet – The Art of Love is Happiness (1987)

This liverecording of The Art of Love is Happiness played by Ornette Coleman Quartet is from The 1987 Hamburg Concert. The CD, released in 2011, contains a previously unreleased live performance by the original Ornette Coleman quartet, in a reunion concert that took place in Hamburg, Germany, the 29th of October 1987. The performance was taped nearly 30 years after the quartet’s first album, the wonderful The Shape Of Jazz to Come.

CD 1 (42:33):  1: Chanting,  2:  Africa Is The Mirror Of All Colors,  3:  Word For Bird,  4:  Lonely Woman,  5:  The Art Of Love Is Happiness

CD 2 (60:00):  1:  Story Tellers, 2: Peace Warriors, 3:  The Sphinx, 4:  Latin Genetics, 5:  Today, Yesterday And Tomorrow, 6:  City Living, 7:  Turnaround

The Ornette Coleman Quartet:

Ornette Coleman – sax
Don Cherry – pocket trumpet
Charlie Haden – double bass
Billy Higgins – drums


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