Bill Evans Trio – Peace Piece (1958)

Peace Piece is coposed by Bill Evans. This recording is from the album Everybody Digs Bill Evans, released in 1958. The recording captures Evans at a time when he was into playing block chords. That combined with his expert use of pedals gave him a fresh, distinctive sound.

The silent spaces in the ballads are stark, inviting the listener to supply the missing thought or feeling evoked by the pianist’s pure conceptions; the accompaniment on the up-tempo tunes is a non-obtrusive temporal flow, leaving the floor wide open to the graceful moves of the featured performer……

“Peace Piece,” one of the most popular recordings of Evans’ career, is an adventure in sheer minimalism, as daring as it is exquisite. Not yet a major “star” among the field of post-Powell pianists, Evans nevertheless plays less like the newest challenger than a secure and commanding artist with nothing to prove. [source]

Bill Evans (Piano)


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