Chet Baker & Paul Bley – If I Should Lose You (1985)

This Album is an unusual collaboration for both musicians, Chet Baker & Paul Bley. “DIANE” is a set of slow, langorous ballads and one jazz original (Sonny Rollins’s “Pent-Up House”). Baker lends his wispy vocals to only “You Go To My Head,” but his trumpet sings satisfyingly throughout. Despite his well-known drug dependence, Baker continued to make good-to-great albums till the end of his life, and “DIANE” is no exception. But the revelation here is Paul Bley who studiously avoided recording jazz standards for nearly his whole career. Here, his stately tone and rich chordal work make an excellent foil for Baker’s nocturnal perambulations. A late-stage triumph for the two veterans. [Source]

Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, on February 28, 1985.

[via Gabriela Morera Rosenkilde]


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