Jaki Byard – Jazz Piano Workshop (1965)

Jaki Byard was shot dead in 1999. The circumstances surrounding his death have not been determined.

Jaki Byard died (tragically) on February 11, 1999. He was 76 years young I only wish that he could have had his last wish which was to buy a boat. Not a big wish to have. I would like to think that maybe he did buy that boat and that maybe our dreams do not die with us, and that maybe he’s just sailing right through heaven now, listening to the music he admired, gigging with his departed fellow musicians and enjoying the high seas of heaven as only he could. .

-Diane Byard

Personnel: Jaki Byard-piano, Reggie Workman-bass, and Alan Dawson-drums.

[via Margo Guryan]


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