Derek Bailey – Explanation & Thanks (2005)

Recorded 2005, Barcelona, Spain.

It’s a bit difficult to understand how, after more than four decades of playing guitar, Derek Bailey developed a debilitating case of carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not like holding a pick was something new to him, but the condition (fortunately confined to his right hand) made it such that he was no longer able to hold a “plectrum.” This fact comes out in “Explanation & Thanks,” the introductory piece to the album entitled Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, an audio letter dictated/played by Derek to someone named “Carol.” [source]

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Derek Bailey: Audio Production, Engineer, Guitar, Producer /

Kazunori Sugiyama: Assosiate Producer / John Zorn: Executive Producer




Steve Reid Ensemble – Lugano (2005)

From the album Spirits Walk by Steve Reid Ensemble, recorded in London 2005.

An uber-visceral, trance-centric celebration of Great Black Music ancient-to-modern—mixing up free improv, Afrobeat, the astral jazz of Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane, North African Sufi music, early ’70s electric Miles, chicken shack B3 grooves, Gil Scott Heron and the Last Poets, and more, all of it laced with real time electronica—Spirit Walk is serious mindbending business, as in free your ass and your mind will follow. [source]

Track Listing: Lugano / Drum Story / Bridget / For Coltrane / Blind Tom / Which One? / Lions Of Juda / It Cannot Be True; Unity.

Personnel: Steve Reid – Drums, Voice / Kieran Hebden – Electronics / Boris Netsvetaev – Keyboards / John Edwards – Bass / Chuck Henderson – Soprano Saxophone / Neil Kleiner – Tenor Saxophone, Percussion / Nathaniel Catchpole – Tenor Saxophone / Tony Bevan – Bass Saxophone.



Dave Burrell – Cool Reception (2005)

Cool Reception is the fifth track on the album Momentum by jazz pianist Dave Burrell, recorded in November 2005 and released a year later on November 14, 2006 by the label High Two.

For the first time in almost thirty years, pianist Dave Burrell returned to the studio to record as a leader with William Parker and Andrew Cyrille on 2004’s Expansion (High Two). Momentumfeatures Burrell recording for the first time with bassist Michael Formanek and drummer Guillermo E. Brown, continuing to explore the classic piano trio format. With this new blood, Burrell hones in on the jazz tradition with intensity and focus, delivering one of the finest statements of his career. [source]

Tracks: Downfall, Broken Promise, Fade to Black, 4:30 to Atlanta, Cool Reception, Momentum, Coup d’Etat.

Line up: Dave Burrell – Piano, Michael Formanek – Bass, Guillermo E. Brown – Drums.










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