Peter Brötzmann & Sonny Sharrock – Whatthefuckdoyouwant 2 (1987)

From the album Whatthefuckdoyouwant recorded September 3, 1987.

This recording, from 1987 is a hidden gem and treasured fragment, perhaps another Rosetta Stone that allows listeners to appreciate how the jazz and rock music worlds shattered into a million pieces in the 1960s, only to reconfigure into new and challenging ways. Sharrock first met Peter Brötzmann in 1969, as the saxophonist relates in the conversation interview book with Gerard Rouy We Thought We Could Change The World (Wolke, 2014). [source]

Peter Brötzmann – Alto Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Tárogató
Sonny Sharrock – Electric Guitar

Track list : Whatthefuckdoyouwant 1 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 2 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 3 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 4 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 5 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 6 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 7 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 8 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 9 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 10 / Whatthefuckdoyouwant 11





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