Cecil Taylor – Burning Poles (VHS (Video) (1991)

Welcome to this beautiful and amazing document of Cecil Taylor with his musicians. It is sometimes as if it is a dance.

This video document of the 1991 version of the Cecil Taylor Unit was recorded at the National Video Industries studio, and not in a live concert performance. Across a span of 50 minutes, the quartet explores the improvisational concept of the leader that is more involved with an organism breathing, pumping fluids, and exploring life’s possibilities than caring about conventional music structures. Yet in a way, Taylor has established his own parameters, signature sounds, and patterns of being. His revolutionary approach is perfectly captured on the three selections present. The video is artistically done, but not at the expense of the music, which is also produced cleanly. [read more]

Recorded at National Video Industries, NYC

1. Poles [10:20]
2. The Silence of Trees [30:50]
3. For (1st Part) [7:10]

Cecil Taylor – Piano  / William Parker – Bass  / Tony Oxley – Drums / Henry Martinez – Percussion

Mystic Fire Video 76240 (VHS), 1991)

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Cecil Taylor – I (Sister Young’n) (1980)

I (Sister Young’n) is last track on side A on the album Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! by Cecil Taylor.

The album features eight solo piano performances by Taylor.  The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow states “This solo album by Cecil Taylor is a little unusual in that he performs eight originals, some of which are quite concise; “T (Beautiful Young’n)” is only 53 seconds long. That is not to imply that the pianist’s music had suddenly mellowed with age but his lyricism is emphasized a bit more than usual and he sometimes sounds quite relaxed (without compromising his music) [source]

Cecil Taylor: Piano


Miles Davis – You’re My Everything (1954)

Second track on the album Relaxin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet, recorded in 1956 in Van Gelder Studio.

Tracks such as “You’re My Everything” and “Oleo” highlight the synchronic nature of Davis and Coltrane as they carry each other’s melodies while trading off solos. The steady syncopation of Philly Joe Jones keeps the rhythms tight and the delicate interplay all the more conspicuous. [source]

Miles Davis – Trumpet
John Coltrane – Tenor Sax
Red Garland – Piano
Paul Chambers – Bass
Philly Joe Jones – Drums






[Dedicated Janne Skakon & Jens Kruse, with the best wishes for a long and happy marriage]

Pierre Cavalli – Concerto for Electric Guitars (1973)

Spaced out use of guitars, from the seventies Switzerland. Last track on the album Sitting On My Guitar by Pierre Cavalli, Recorded at Braun Electronic Studio, released on Pick.

Antonio Conde – Bass / Gustavo Hubka – Drums / Rolf Bänninger – Drums / Pierre Cavalli – Guitar

Hear 2:36 minutes of the 10:36 minutes long piece:

Seldom seen Swiss lp released in 1973, it contains some incredible tracks like the 10 minutes psych funk gem, “Concerto For Electric Guitars” with insane fuzzed, delayed, distorted guitars, fat drum beat, freak out atmospheres…

Hear a longer piece of the track here




Ingrid Sertso / Karl Berger / Les Gammas – Discipline 100 (2001)

Composed by Karl Berger / Marc A. Frank / C. Jochen Helfert. From the album Compost 100 with Various Artists.

Ingrid Sertso – Lead Vocals

One of the coolest underground electronic music labels in the world celebrated its 100th release with a double-CD sampler of killer tracks at a wonderful price. What’s best is that since Compost is only trying to showcase its sound, not its catalogue, it hasn’t reissued anything here — it’s all new and exclusive to this release. From the minimal jazz-driven techno of the Trüby Trio with its amazing sampled double bassline on a Zero dB remix of “Galicia” to two new jazzed-out tracks by Beanfield to slippery Latin bossa house of the Salvador Group and a one-off “Discipline 100″ by Karl Berger and les Gammaswith Ingrid Sertso providing soaring and seductive vocals, this package is impossible to beat. [source]